Knight’s castle


Princesses, knights, castles and fairytale castles have not lost their attraction for children even in the age of gaming consoles. And among us adults: such a castle tower is also ideally suited for placing books, from both sides! The castle looks just as good from behind as from the front. A wide variety of media formats can be set thanks to the height adjustment of the shelves.

A stable drawbridge in the form of a table also creates chivalrous, generous reading, playing and working opportunities from both sides for this themed world. Side panels with themed motifs integrate the shelf into this design concept.

Have you ever built a castle?

The castle tower and archway can be combined in a variety of ways, even around corners. Let yourself be inspired by the possible combinations shown and play yourself as a master builder for your individual reading castle. The open archway can be combined with pillars, cushions or picture books in different age-specific heights. A closed castle is created from 4 archways. By the way: The dragon is still laughing …