Shelving System RATIO


A product reveals its aesthetic quality to us at first glance. However, the functional strengths are only gradually opening up to us. The closed sides of the RATIO shelving system give this program its expressive character and at the same time offer the best protection for the media used. The shelf sides are available in different materials and surfaces and can be equipped with different cross members and rear walls, as well as optionally with metal or wooden shelves.

A high level of functionality results from the interplay of modular structure and innovative detail solutions. Ultimately, these determine the quality of a product. Lockable doors turn RATIO into a cupboard or a showcase and this can also be retrofitted if necessary.

In fact, the fun of setting up with RATIO starts where other programs often have to fit. With this shelving system we would like to show you the true meaning of flexibility and underline this with convincing solutions for accommodating new media.


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