Module boxes


Usually books are on shelves. But “normal” is not always desired and as a special eye-catcher for your novels, paperbacks and mangas we have come up with a new tower concept for you. This new type of presentation furniture will not only be noticed and liked by children and young people in your library. The design is thought a bit around the corner and yet so obvious. Surfaces and niches are in a logical and exciting relationship to each other and make the tower a school example of the popularly quoted design theory: form follows function!

Corpus wood plastic coated. With a total of 20 storage spaces W 370 mm, D 170 mm, H 305 mm for approx. 300 paperbacks, total width W 580 mm, D 580 mm, H 1750 mm, on swivel castors, 2 of them with brakes.

Modular box system made of hard-wearing, layer-glued wood in birch Multipex 15 mm. The modules can be used individually or combined to create an imaginative book landscape. Thanks to the easy-to-assemble screwing of the elements, there are also many conversion and expansion options. The boxes are upright, but can also be used lying down. Just have the courage to create your own book sculpture. And don’t worry, if you don’t like it anymore, you can easily assemble it very differently.



Produktblatt Bibliotheksdarstellung