Media return system CORBIS


Stationary, lockable return system. The metal housing is suitable for indoor and covered outdoor use. On one side with a stable metal drawer into which the media are inserted. When closing, the floor lowers and the media slide over an inclined plane into the retracted spring-loaded trolley. If the trolley is full or removed for emptying, the drawer is locked automatically. The display panel shows red. The drawer is unlocked by pushing the empty trolley into the housing. The display field shows green. The system works exclusively mechanically, a power connection is not necessary.

We recommend using spring-loaded trolleys with at least 2 spring-loaded trolleys for convenient emptying The trolley has a spring base with controlled lowering, i.e. the more media there is in the car, the deeper the ground sinks. In the maximum lowering, i.e. when the car is full, the mechanism automatically locks the drawer and marks the display field in red.