Filmolux Soft Cover Foil


Reinforcement of matt or glossy covers

Self-adhesive, transparent, glossy or matt adhesive film. Reduced initial adhesion (saving time and money).

Can be used on almost all surfaces. Pre-cut protective film divided into fields (recyclable); easy-to-separate plastic film. Also recommended for inexperienced users in the field of book care.

Length: 25m Material: Plastic / PVC Correctable: Yes

Color: clear. Thickness: 70 μm

Width: Price: Variant:

220mm 33.60.- matt or glossy

240mm 37.80.- only glossy

260mm 40.60.- matt or glossy

280mm 43.40.- only glossy

300mm 46.20.- matt or glossy

320mm 49.00.- only glossy

340mm 53.20.- only glossy

360mm 56.00.- only glossy

380mm 58.80.- matt or glossy

410mm 63.00.- only glossy

450mm 70.00.- only glossy

All prices ex. VAT and plus shipping costs

Volume discounts: from 5 rolls 5%, from 10 rolls 7%,

from 20 rolls 9%, from 50 rolls 12%, from 100 rolls on request