Organization Container INFORM

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Printer Container (left)
This low and rollable container with paper shelf and board for printer distinguishes itself by ideal space usage. Two guiding handles on the top make handling absolutely easy. Veneered wood/plastic coated.

Organization Container (right)
Our organization container has wheels with stops at the front and can be used at many different workstations. Depending on the required height units (1 HU = 64 mm), We offer form inserts, hanging files, drawer dividers for the drawers.

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Schublade 2 HE – 1 Schublade 5 HE, 1 Schublade 3 HE – 1 Schublade 4 HE, Schublade 2 HE – 1 Schublade 2 HE – 1 Schublade 3 HE

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